I wrote this admittedly long short story back in 2010 when the realities of the Great Recession were clear. There would be no bailout for working people...only bankers. There was a great deal of frustration. The bankers wrecked the economy for working people, then took the working people's money for a bailout. Then, instead of returning the favor, they gave themselves bonuses and increased the foreclosures. This story is a reflection of that frustration. I hope to do more with Walter Baxter. I think he's an interesting character. I see him as a modern day Tom Joad.
I was asked to participate in the following blog designed to offer the perspectives of classroom teachers. Check out my first contribution as well as the other excellent posts.
In October of this year I responded to an editorial in the local news paper, The News Press. This paper has a long history of supporting backward school accountability schemes, so it was no surprise when the editors lamented the loss of a bunch of mandatory tests. It wasn't a loss of the tests themselves, mind you. Our local school board, which is almost courageous, decided to make them optional. Below is my response to the News Press' opinion piece. Also included is the original editorial and my unedited version.
Back in 2001 I took a backpack trip along the Yellowstone River. In my pack I was carrying the book Tuesdays with Morrie. Solitude and inspirational writing can only result in some interesting thoughts. The result was a freestyle essay called Musings on the Yellowstone River. I thought about editing the style, but frankly, I kinda like it. Click the image to read the essay.
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The opposite of courage is not cowardice. It's conformity--Jim Hightower