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Welcome to Michael Andoscia on the web. This website is designed, as the header states, as a sort of Grand Central Station for the many projects that I have on-line. As time goes on, I will also update the pages on this site to include essays, short stories and artwork that you will not find anywhere else. Any published materials will be linked to this website. Of course, I can't leave out the advertising aspect. Current and future novels will be advertised on this space. A scrapbook page will also be created to highlight some of my adventures. I hope this page brings as much pleasure to those visiting as it will myself.

A brief is, after all, my website. I am a teacher, author and blogger as well as a family man. I have a masters degree in Sociology. I teach Introduction to Sociology and Contemporary Social Problems for Florida Southwestern State College (Formerly Edison State College). I also teach Cambridge Sociology and Honors Economics at a local high school. I have authored two novels, Stone is Not Forever and The Revelation of Herman Smiley. They have been described as two of the best books ever my wife and my parents.

The most crucial of my online projects is The Mad Sociologist Blog, in which I give a social and historical analysis of contemporary issues. My students, however, may suggest that other online projects, such as Andoscia Sociology, created for my college students and Mr. Andoscia's Class, designed for my high school students, are also critical. If you are a college or high school teacher, please feel free to steal from these sites as you wish. 

I hope this page helps as a first stop for those interested in my work and ideas.
A Note About My Wife, Jennifer Andoscia, BCBA

My wife is a Behavior Analyst, and the most competent person I know. She is the founder and owner of ABA Results in Fort Myers. If you or someone you know is in need of behavior services, check out ABA Results (Click the image).

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